Children’s Day: More Than a Custom!

The history of Children’s Day dates back to 23 April, 1929 when the Republic Of Turkey officially declared it a national holiday for the first time. The officially recognized date of Children’s Day varies from nation to nation, but Universal Children’s Day is observed on 20 November. On 20 November 1959 the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 20 November, 1989. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child, sometimes known as the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child, is an international document promoting child rights. The text of the document, as published by the International Save the Children Union in Geneva on 23 February, 1923, is as follows:
I. The child must be given the means requisite for its normal development, both materially and spiritually.
II. The child that is hungry must be fed, the child that is sick must be nursed, the child that is backward must be helped, the delinquent child must be reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored.
III. The child must be the first to receive relief in times of distress.
IV. The child must be put in a position to earn a livelihood, and must be protected against every form of exploitation.
V. The child must be brought up in the consciousness that its talents must be devoted to the service of its fellow men.
This text was endorsed by the League of Nations General Assembly on 26 November, 1924 as the World Child Welfare Charter, and was the first human rights document approved by an inter-governmental institution. It was reaffirmed by the League in 1934. Heads of State and Government pledged to incorporate its principles in domestic legislation. In France, it was ordered to be displayed in every school.
While as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children. The Convention defines a child as any human being under the age of eighteen.
Nations that ratify this convention are bound to it by international law. Compliance is monitored by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, which is composed of members from countries around the world. Once a year, the Committee submits a report to the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, which also hears a statement from the CRC Chair, and the Assembly adopts a Resolution on the Rights of the Child. Governments of countries that have ratified the Convention are required to report to, and appear before, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child periodically to be examined on their progress with regards to the advancement of the implementation of the Convention and the status of child rights in their country.
Regardless of these measures, the children continue to suffer and suffocate across the globe. In some parts they become victims of drone attacks while in other parts they are blinded with pellets. Only in Iraq, tens and thousands of children were butchered by the so called ambassadors of peace and human rights. The world powers have turned a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons in Syria which killed scores of innocents including children. Only organizing conventions and drafting rights is not enough. Action speaks louder than words. You can’t befool the world community for long. Alas! The people who speak for the rights of children, their hands are drenched with blood of these young buds, they mash before they bloom.
None may dare to disagree with this fact that children are the future of any nation. And if we care about our future, we must care about our children. We must invest on them to fulfill their basic needs of education, nutrition and health care. Children can be the greatest blessing or the greatest liability, it all depends on us that what we make them. Today, parents have no time for their children which has increased the graph of child crime manifold especially in western countries. Given the contemporary plight of children the future is bleak. The onus is on us, the dire need of the hour is to come above the level of farce and opportunism to work for the welfare of children. And the so called ambassadors of peace and human rights must give up cosmetic approach and sincerely pledge to safeguard children’s rights and work for their welfare and well-being across the globe. Mere lip service and having fun is not gonna make any mark, think beyond custom!
P.S. Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says: “Observe justice in dealing with your children in the same manner in which you expect them to observe justice in being kind and good to you.”

​William Harvey is wrongly credited with the modern theory of Pulmonary Circulation!

William Harvey is wrongly credited with the modern theory of Pulmonary Circulation. Ibn Al-Nafis, an Arab physician of the 13th Century, explained the basic principles of Pulmonary Circulation nearly 350 years before Harvey was born.

Ibn Al-Nafis (Ala al-Din Abu al-A’la Ali ibn Abi Hazm al-Quraishi) of Damascus, an Arab physician of the thirteenth century (1210-1288 CE), explained the basic principles of the modern theory of the lesser or PULMONARY circulation. This was nearly three hundred and fifty years before Sir William Harvey of Kent, England, who is wrongly credited with this discovery.

This fact was acknowledged in 1957 by Professor Dr J B Latham of the University of Manchester at the tercentenary of the death of William Harvey (Sunday Times 9 June 1957).

He also stated that Ibn Al-Nafis had “recognised the fallacy of Galen’s theory of invisible channels between the ventricles.
He similarly explained that blood was purified in the lungs where it was refined on contact with the air inhaled from the outer atmosphere. “It should not be assumed too readily that great discoveries were made only in Europe.” (The Statesman, Calcutta, 11 June 1957).
Ibn Al-Nafis was the chief physician at the Al-Mansuri Hospital, Cairo, Egypt, where he practised and taught medicine and Muslim theology until his death at the age of 77. He wrote a book “Sharh Tashrih al-Qanun” in which he expounded the pulmonary circulation for the first time. This commentary was consulted by Ibn Al-Quff, a great scientist and contemporary of Ibn Al-Nafis.
All scholarly standards and historical fairness should accredit Ibn Al-Nafis as being the first to discover and describe the Pulmonary Circulation.

Braid Chopping: Another Evil Trick In The Book!

In the light of international law, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory which has been under forced occupation by India since 1947, the year India got its freedom from foreign occupation. For past around seven decades, this so called largest democracy has turned this state into an open prison by deploying more than seven lakh occupational forces here. And these occupational forces enjoy infamous acts like AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act). Since the day occupational forces landed here, India has left no stone unturned to strengthen this occupation. Back in early 90’s, when I was only a blooming bud of grade one, I vividly remember how occupational forces used to break into our houses in the dead of the night and harass inmates for no reason. This was the time when armed resistance against occupation was at its peak. The people here especially youth had taken up arms, for India choked any peaceful means possible. The 1987 elections were rigged and people like Mohammad Yousuf (now Syed Salahudin), fighting elections from Amira kadal constituency were left with no option, but to join armed resistance. They realized the fact that no freedom can be and has been achieved hitherto with peaceful means alone. Not a day passed when we were not asked to show our identification. Until today, my grey matter has failed to think of any humiliation worse than this. It breaks you to the core when someone from Bihar or Bengal asks you to produce your identity card in your own motherland. Assembling male population at one place, leaving behind female inmates for indefinite time was as common as stars in the night sky.

India has been using every evil trick in the book to suppress the idea of freedom here. But every trick ends in vain, for suppression is no solution. You can arrest a person but not an idea. The haunting memories of ghosts in the early 90’s to frighten people are yet lurking in my mind. From late night until dawn, we used to stay awake, beating every sonorous object to keep these ghosts away. This was an evil trick used by the occupational forces to break our resolve, the resolve for freedom. Beyond this, rape, loot and arson have been their culture here. In the recent past, the paddy crop was burnt to ashes; innocent people especially children were turned blind with pellets. India wants status quo to continue, for peace is not profitable. India has never been sincere and honest to resolve this dispute. Rather, they have let loose the reign of terror here.

Braid chopping is yet another evil trick India has been using to break our resolve for freedom and divert our attention from the core issue. Creating fear, chaos and confusion among people here is what she has been doing since long. But these evil tactics have never paid off, every time they have backfired and disappointed them. India started off this drama of repression here the day they illegally occupied us. Braid chopping is one of the episodes of this drama. There might be more episodes to follow. There is no reason to scare of these evil tricks. The dire need of the hour is to stand united and be cautious. We must do our utmost to fight these evil tricks by taking every precautionary measure/s possible. Furthermore, it’s time to come above the level of farce and fight occupation to the best of our capacities, for occupation is the root issue while others are just offshoots.


We, oh heaven, aren’t to be suppressed by falsehood!

A hundred times you have tested us! (IqbalRA)